We would like to thank you for contributing to such a successful BBF 2018 event!


If you have been thinking about adding inventory management to your brewery, now is the time.

We want to offer you our service at a special discount!

You can have your draft menu on as many TV's you wish. Make a menu change one time in our program and it will update your digital menus, mobile app, Facebook, website, Point of Sale, and send out a Tweet on your account announcing new menu item.

Setup: $299-$699 (Depending on POS Integration)


  • Integration with one of our Point of Sale partners

  • Social media integrations (Instagram, Twitter, Untappd, Foursquare)

  • Facebook Real Time Draft List Application

  • Digital Menu Application

  • Operations Program Application 

  • Installation assistance and unlimited training on the software

  • Menu customization 

  • API for real-time draft list on website and custom apps

  • Location and live menu listing on our mobile app for beer drinkers! (Released in 2016 and have over 75,000 downloads)

Monthly service fee: $79-$109 (Depending on POS Integration) Month-to-month contract

  • 24/7 customer support with our team

  • Software updates with new features

  • Menu & operational customization changes

  • Cloud service and storage

We will customize your digital menu templates and print menus. Your inventory program is customized to how you operate your business and our dashboard stats and reports will give you everything you need to know what products are making you the most money in the shortest time. 

We also provide FREE custom event menus for all Breweries when you are pouring at an event or beer festival. Show off what you are pouring and post live social media at your event. 

We would be happy to perform a live online demo at your convenience and/or schedule a phone call with you to answer any of your questions. Click the text below to schedule a time.


You are also welcome to call me anytime. I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Thank you,

Lisa Marcus | Chief Executive Officer | 503-880-5510