By Heather Kelez

Here are a few tips to help you at your business this summer:

Manage Users

Have you hired new team members for the summer season? If so, you can set them up with their own login & permissions in DigitalPour.

In your Operations program, go to Management > Settings > Users to add a new user. You’ll assign a user name and check which permissions you want that person to have. Once you click ‘Save’ they will be able to login using the default password of ‘password.’ You can also use this screen to reset a user’s password if they get locked out. Or delete old users who are no longer with you.


Want to learn how to run custom ads on your TV screens? Need some help advertising upcoming and recurring events? Want to utilize Reports & Analytics to their full ability? We are here to help!

We provide complimentary training sessions for you and your staff to learn all about these great features (and more) in your DigitalPour system. In your Operations program, go to Management > Contact DigitalPour > Schedule a Training Session to schedule training sessions at your convenience.

Manage Recurring Events

Did you know you can temporarily disable recurring events? This comes in handy if you don’t want happy hour pricing to run on a holiday.

In your Operations program, go to Management > Settings > Happy Hours & Events and double-click on your event to open it up for editing. On the right side of the screen you will see a list of the upcoming event dates – double click on the date you need to cancel and then click the ‘Cancel Event for this date’ button and then click ‘Save.’ Doing this will skip the pricing discount for individual dates that you choose while leaving the main event setup intact so that it can resume like normal once the skipped date has passed.