PROBLEM: I'm not seeing a User Tab in the Settings area. I'm not able to continue with Mobile Ops.

SOLUTION: Not sure how many location have this situation, but 64 oz had both of their owner users with less than full privileges. As an admin, please make sure location owners have all privileges turned on. 

PROBLEM: My location's menu isn't the same between the big screen and Mobile. How come?

SOLUTION: To reduce the network activity to DigitalPour's servers ($$) the Mobile App caches a location's menu for 5 minutes. Once the cache has expired, the user needs to leave and return to the menu or pull down in the Menu Screen to refresh the list.

PROBLEM: The Swap with Same action on Mobile Ops isn't available.

SOLUTION: The Mobile Ops expects to see and change from entered inventory. We didn't know that the Windows Ops Program allows for blind "swap with same" functionality. Currently a location has to add kegs to the Queue in order to see and Swap with Same or another other keg.

4/3/17 Update: It sounds like this situation is a vestige of January's outage. The call EnforceKegInventory was set to FALSE (off) for all sites. Some sites started using that setting. As of 4/1/17 this EnforceKegInventory flag is set to TRUE (on) for all locations.

QUESTION: Some of my kegs aren't showing levels. How come?

ANSWER: If a keg is 100% full or completely empty (0% full), we don't display the keg level indicators.