PROBLEM: I'm getting an expiration dialog when attempting to use Mobile Ops during April 2017.

SOLUTION: They probably haven't updated their Windows Operation Program. When using an older version, it stomps on the Mobile Ops ON/OFF setting.

Make sure they update their Windows Operations Program!

As an admin, go to the location that is impacted in Management Tab > Settings > Administration and turn ON the Ops on Mobile Device checkbox.

If they continue to have the "expiration" dialog appear, have them display the About area (3 vertical dots icon) > tap on their location again > tap on the Menu button again to have the Mobile App reload their location menu and check the ON/OFF status again.

There will be a future change to the Mobile Apps to do a "just in time" check when the App is in an error state (expired). If the status is ON, it will proceed correctly.

PROBLEM: The Swap with Same action on Mobile Ops isn't available.

SOLUTION: The Mobile Ops expects to see and change from entered inventory. We didn't know that the Windows Ops Program allows for blind "swap with same" functionality. Currently a location has to add kegs to the Queue in order to see and Swap with Same or another other keg.

4/3/17 Update: It sounds like this situation is a vestige of January's outage. The call EnforceKegInventory was set to FALSE (off) for all sites. Some sites started using that setting. As of 4/1/17 this EnforceKegInventory flag is set to TRUE (on) for all locations.

QUESTION: Some of my kegs aren't showing levels. How come?

ANSWER: If a keg is 100% or completely empty (0% full), we don't display the keg level indicators.