Keeping your Software Up-to-Date

by Eric Sterling

At DigitalPour we are constantly striving to improve our product and service. As a result, there will be times you will need to update the Windows Operations Program

This process is very easy – if a new version is available, after you log in, you will see this dialog (below):

Before you can continue, you will need to click the link, which starts downloading the update. Run this download when it finishes downloading and follow the instructions.

The Windows Menu Program is what displays the digital menu on your TV(s). This program is easily updated as well, but requires a bit of work on your part, since we did not want an obtrusive update message to appear on the TV. In most cases, if you use the mouse and click anywhere on the menu itself being displayed on your TV, then press the ‘U’ key on your keyboard, you will see a notice pop up if a newer version is available.

Another way to update the menu program is close the menu program, then open up a web browser. Download and run the following link:

You will need to do this on each computer that is connected to a TV.