On the Management tab there is now a Web Menus button. If you do not see this button you may not have permissions. If you are an admin, go to Settings->Users and double click your user. Ensure you (or any other user you want) has Design Website and Publish Website permissions.

You can have as many menus as you want (for example, if you want to try out different designs).

Clicking New will let you choose from our templates – we will be adding more in the future.

You now have access to the code for your tap list. Only people with experience with HTML and CSS should make any changes. DigitalPour can’t be responsible for any errors or display problems. If a mistake is made, you can always create a new web menu. You can also use the Duplicate button to make a backup.

The link at the bottom can be used either in an <IFRAME> or in a <DIV> as a web