For over 20 years, the Palmetto Brewery, South Carolina's oldest, has been resurrecting and building upon a beer tradition that reaches back to the days of the Civil War.  Charleston’s original Palmetto Brewery was founded in the 1800’s and shut down during Prohibition. The current Palmetto Brewing Company opened in 1993, led by Ed Falkenstein and Louis Bruce. The two friends took regular windsurfing trips to Hood River, OR, and frequented Full Sail Brewery. Inspired by the craft beer scene out west, Falkenstein and Bruce quit their day jobs and opened Palmetto Brewing Co, which was the first craft brewery in the state of South Carolina.  Their facility in Charleston includes a brewery and a 14-tap tasting room. They have four primary brews, available year-round, and a variety of seasonal offerings. More than just brewers, they are vocal beer advocates, offering informative tours of their facilities, and take an active role in community events. 

Palmetto Brewing Co. general manager, John Planty

Palmetto Brewing Co. general manager, John Planty

John Planty, general manager, made the decision to integrate the DigitalPour platform into their Clover POS system, as well as make use of the digital displays, in place of the old menu boards.  "We believed our brands deserved a better presentation than our staff could present at the point of purchase (which used to look like: a line five people deep, while our team explained each of our fourteen beer selections).  Now, we get questions about one or two beers at a time, allowing for a more detailed conversation, and our visitors can watch the board as they contemplate their next pint."  

So far, everyone has been pleased with the results.  "The impact on our staff and customers was immediate," he said.  "You could actually see the room relax.  Inventory and revenue are a little tougher to quantify as we just opened our new Tasting Room.  We are able to manage our inventory better with less Out Of Stocks. All the customers love it. It's been a game changer." 

For more on Palmetto Brewing, visit their excellent and informative website, HERE, and be sure to pop in for a few pints and a tours, if you ever find yourself in Charleston.

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