Bailey’s Taproom is a bar in downtown Portland, Oregon. Situated among some of Portland’s most iconic buildings, Bailey’s has long been known for its lively atmosphere and exceptional beer selection. With 24 rotating beers on tap, the selection at Bailey’s is always unique and exciting, with range of styles to suit any palate. Their emphasis is always on featuring local brews, making them a perfect place for visitors and locals alike to experience the best brews that Oregon has to offer.

Bailey’s Taproom was an early adopter of the DigitalPour platform. With 24 constantly rotating taps, it was extremely difficult to keep track of what was available, what was on deck, and what was almost gone. Keeping up an accurate menu was impossible. Switching to the DigitalPour tracking system made all of that much more manageable.  According to manager Geoff, “DigitalPour showed me a better way for us to display our menu. We just needed to invest in a TV. Seemed like a no brainer. All the other features are just added bonuses. People love it. Even three years later, people that have seen it for the first time think it's the coolest thing ever. People take pictures of it on a daily basis.”  He’s been so pleased with DigitalPour that he’s even willing to talk to prospective customers about it. “It's great,” he said. “I'm happy to answer specific questions owners may have about DigitalPour.”

That’s sure nice to hear. We could talk all day about why we love our software, but hearing about it from one of our happy customers just sounds even better!  

Questions about DigitalPour? Interested in a demonstration? Call us at (503) 880-5510 to get started!