In May 2013, Johnny, Dave and Jimmy Morgan opened up a craft beer bar in Portland called NW Growlers. By developing special relationships with local brewers, NW Growlers features a unique variety of small batch brews, including occasional offerings of extremely limited releases, available only to select locations. The Macadams location features 30 beer taps, 2 wine taps and 2 kombucha taps. The Sherwood location, opened in April of this year, offers 22 draft beers, 3 wines and a root beer, as well as about 500 bottled varieties. The beer list, in both locations, is almost constantly rotating, so visitors can expect to try something new with each visit. 

A rotating selection of that size can be complicated to track and keep organized, and makes any kind of permanent menu impossible to create or maintain. Enter DigitalPour. 

We sat down with co-founder Johnny Morgan, to get his thoughts on the DigitalPour platform. Here’s what he had to say. 

“The DigitalPour platform is a no-brainer. The product is amazing. On the front end, my customers get a stunning visual display of what beers I have on tap. It tells them what the beer is, a quick description, how it's served, the color of the beer and how full the keg is. It has really saved customers from asking me a lot of questions...

The other great feature is the back end. If I can't make it to the store, I can log in from wherever I am in the world and check keg levels, queue up beers, and check my inventory. I am then able to do my ordering from home as well, if I can't meet with the salesman, because I know what I need. I queue up beers, and as I become more familiar with the reporting and analytics features I use them more often. I favorite beers and breweries to make sure I know when I had them on last.

It's just really made it easier to run my business, overall. Not only do I have better peace of mind but it frees my time up to handle other things, which is the exact thing I was hoping this system would do, which is to make my life easier. I'm able to better manage my inventory by calculating what I need on hand and what can wait to order, freeing up precious room in the cooler for the tapped kegs.

Customers love it, I hear it all the time. They get excited to come in and scan the boards for the “Just Tapped” icon. Not only do they love the display but they love how much information is provided. I've noticed that customers are expanding their beer horizons because the boards help teach them of different styles, which in turn make it easier for them to try new things.

Not only are Eric and Lisa fantastic people to work with, but the system is wonderful. It frees up time to focus on other aspects of business, the visual dynamic is stunning and customers are able to learn about new beer styles so you'll sell a wider array of beer leading to increased sales overall.”

All we can say is, “Thank you, Johnny!”  It sure feels great to hear such a wonderful review. 

Are you thinking about integrating DigitalPour into your business? Give us a call. We can meet for a drink at NW Growlers and enjoy some good brew while we check out the system in action! Reach us at (503) 880-5510

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