Tara Geelan at  Growlers Tap station  in McMinnville, OR

Tara Geelan at Growlers Tap station in McMinnville, OR

Growlers Tap Station is a craft beer bar and growler filling station in McMinnville, Oregon. They've been around for just about a year, and have already cultivated a loyal following of beer connoisseurs and newbies, alike, thanks to their great prices (18oz pints for $4!!), relaxing atmosphere and selection of 28 rotating taps of beers, ciders and kombucha. The food truck out back doesn't hurt, either.  Owners Anthony Starr & Tara Geelan operate the whole thing, themselves. They have yet to hire any help. 

"We opened our doors in November 2013," said Geelan.  "We continued to operate the bar ourselves while working full time until April 2014.  In April 2014 I left my full time job to focus 100% on the tap station. We specialize primarily in IPA's and hard-to-find specialty kegs.  We try to keep 85-90% of our menu Oregon/Washington brews.  We are planning to add a small selection of hard-to-find bottles, as well."

They've been using the DigitalPour system since the very beginning, after seeing it in action at Bailey's Taproom in downtown Portland. And they absolutely love it. 

"We use all of the components available to us.  We LOVE the ease of adding, removing or monitoring a kegs status.  The keg levels are invaluable!  It is so nice not to have to shake kegs or guess.  So far, most of our kegs have been accurate within about 30 ounces.  That is AWESOME!  It makes ordering so much easier.  We are able to easily determine what we need to order for the week based on sales and weekly trends without over-stocking the cooler with beers we may not need to order at that time.  I love how easy it is for customers to read all of the information.  Customers are beginning to feel pretty savvy now....they know what IBU's are and are learning more about different styles of beer.  It's great to hear them conversing about the menu and feeling informed.  The attributes are VERY helpful for certain more popular beer styles (IPA's).  I put a little hop symbol next to all IPA's and it makes it easy for customers to quickly pick them out of the menu rather than having to ask "what IPA's do you have".  It saves me quite a bit of time.  

Customers LOVE this system.  It makes it so much easier for them to make a choice.  It's a lot to take in the first time someone walks in but they certainly appreciate the menus.  Customers are always amazed about the keg level feature, lots of questions about that and HOW it works.  We see a lot of people taking pictures of the menu and sending the pictures to friends.  Of course they also love seeing their picture on the menu when they check in.  They love the Untappd, Twitter and Instagram posts on the boards and wait anxiously for their pictures to show up.

I cannot say enough about how happy I am with DigitalPour! Eric and Lisa both have been amazing to work with and the always respond so quickly any time I have a question or need help."

So, next time you're in McMinnville (for the UFO festival) be sure to pop into Growlers Tap Station for a couple rounds. Chances are about 100% that you'll run into either Tara or Anthony, if not both. 


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