Saraveza is a fantastically funky little place up in North Portland. Packed from floor to ceiling with beer memorabilia, including vintage coolers loaded with a well-curated bottled beer selection (over 250!), this place is THE place for the laid-back beer fan. It's also the place for Portland-based Packers fans, but that's a story for another day. They've been repeatedly ranked among the best beer bars by Draft magazine, which makes perfect sense, given that it is easily one of the best bars in Portland, and Portland is the Olympics of beer bars. Ok I admit, A: I'm biased because I personally LOVE this place AND live in Portland, and B: that analogy about the Olympics contains questionable grammatical structure. What is NOT questionable, however, is that Saraveza is wildly popular. Sure I could point out their 4-star Yelp! average ( out of 175 reviews!), but let's cut the chase- they have a free bacon night every month AND Hamm's on tap permanently. Their owner, Sarah Pederson, has been running the place for six years now, and recently decided to integrate the DigitalPour platform into her business. Here's what she had to say about her experience, thus far.

"We added DigitalPour to watch our beer sales and budget," she said.  "To help with our social media. To organize our coolers and best understand what we have left in kegs that have been currently used but taken off the line.  Also, to be able to plan events ahead of time and store beer in an organized fashion.  

We use all but the screen, it doesn't fit our kitschy vintage beer feel.  We use DigitalPour in tandem with our POS, so it is great for front staff.  

DigitalPour integrates great with Futures POS, which has allowed us to best record how many ounces we are serving and receiving payment on, per keg tapped.  When you work in a bar that is constantly changing beers, bartenders have to keep up with a lot of moving information.  DigitalPour creates ease on staff by automatically updating pricing, setting pour sizes and tweeting the beers which is a lifesaver!

DigitalPour makes a lot of sense if you are trying to provide a lot of variety of beer and want to have a grasp of what that constant rotation does to your business.  Plus, when coupled with the right POS system, you're able to work smarter, not harder, with delivering information to your bartenders and your customers."

Questions about DigitalPour? Interested in a demonstration? Call us at (503) 880-5510 to get started!