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DigitalPour User Spotlight: Links Taproom

Links Taproom is a craft beer bar in Chicago. They've got 36 beer taps, 3 cask taps and 5 wine taps, all of which rotate constantly. Owner Michael Quinlan describes the beer selection like this: "Everything rotates. There’s nothing permanent, though we do have some steady brands. It breaks down like this: local first, mid-western second, American third. No imported beer. Only American craft beer." They keep a beer menu on their website, which is always up to date, thanks to its integration with DigitalPour. Check it out HERE.  It's worth noting that they've also got an extensive (and often hilarious) food menu

Quinlan discovered DigitalPour a few years ago during a visit to Bailey's Taproom in Portland, and knew he needed to have it when he opened Links last year. "We were the first customers east of the Mississippi committing to an account. Unfortunately, delays made our actual opening happen later, but still..." he said.

After being open for about a year, Quinlan has nothing but praise for the DigitalPour platform. One of his favorite aspects is its integration with social media. "We get a lot of people who take pictures of the boards and post them on Facebook and Instagram. We get a lot of these pictures showing up on the menus themselves, once they've checked in.  We probably get about 40-50 check-ins on a good weekend night. People love checking in and seeing their names up there. We have three screens that display them." This kind of exposure is powerful. The average person has roughly 300 friends on Facebook. If 50 people use the check-in feature on a given Saturday night, that equates to a reach of 15k people! 

The platform also works wonders with customer relations. "First of all, it’s about engaging your customers. The #1 question people want to know is how does it work? They’re amazed at how simply it all works. It’s one of the main benefits of the system. It’s a good conversation piece. Our customers like craft beer, and people who like craft beer like good conversation." 

"Overall," Quinlan said, " I don’t think there's a better platform out there. Its a beautiful interface. God forbid you ever have a problem, the response is immediate and patient. Any little hiccup or problem, they’ve been incredible. Top notch, first class all the way around."


Questions about DigitalPour? Interested in a demonstration? Contact us HERE to get started!