May we Introduce Ourselves?


Lisa Marcus

Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to Oregon in the early 90’s because the Pacific NW has everything I love; mountains, coast, rivers, great cuisine, wine and craft beer.

I trained to become an Olympic Athlete in gymnastics and traveled to Russia in 1984 to train with Russian Olympic coaches. This may explain some of my discipline and drive to succeed.

I produce large scale fire productions for summer festivals, which I have been doing since 2000.

I worked in restaurants and nightclubs and fine dining for 20+ years. My love for wine led me to teach wine education to service staff and assist restaurant owners in creating wine lists that accentuate their cuisine.

Meeting Eric Sterling and creating DigitalPour is something I am very proud of. I’ve seen the craft beer industry grow into something beautiful -- the art of the craft being celebrated and I love our participation in that. 


Heather Kelez

Hi, my name is Heather and I’m a Libra from San Jose, CA – I love computers and hot tamales. I also really love music, so kudos to you if you caught the B-52s reference. I left California seven years ago to pursue a new adventure in Portland where I landed a job in a winery tasting room. This led to an HR role with a tech company where I met Eric – funny how life works out. Now I get to work in tech and beer which is wonderful!

Spring is on its way out and summer is definitely approaching here in the Pacific Northwest! The warm weather and longer days make for great opportunities to enjoy sipping suds on the patio (one of my favorite pastimes this time of year). 


Eric Sterling

My name is Eric Sterling and I am the CTO/Lead Developer for DigitalPour. I have been fortunate to be able to combine two of my passions: software development and craft beer into a system we hope makes running your business easier. Living in Portland, Oregon, I am surrounded by some of the best beer in the world. You can often find me at my local watering hole - Bailey’s Taproom -enjoying a delicious IPA or maybe a Stout if it is a rainy day (we have those occasionally here).

We still have a lot of plans to make DigitalPour more powerful and easier to use. That said, we would love to hear from you if you have ideas for new features or how we can improve your experience – DigitalPour is for you after all.