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Our Story

DigitalPour is the result of a chance friendship and a local craft beer bar willing to partner and guide the initial launch of the DigitalPour digital beer menu. Lisa Marcus and Eric Sterling had both industry experience and vision to start solving the key problems bar and restaurant owners have – track their beverages, understand their sales and not have to spend valuable time tied  to the technology that drives the business.

We are the first company to provide technology tailored to the craft beer industry that ties consumers and business operations through digital menus, mobile app and realtime sales analytics.

We are here today, after 10 years of devotion and dedication to solving customer problems; building industry relationships; partnering with smart integration companies.

From all of us on the DigitalPour team, we want to thank the craft beer industry for accepting our ideas and software; allowing us to help your businesses achieve great success over the years. We feel loved and appreciated, and this makes us all happy to do what we do, every day.


Our Mission & Core Tenets

Continue to innovate and improve our services

We strive to respond to customer requests to improve our software offerings. We are always adding new partners for POS integrations.

Always provide human and realtime customer support

We know that problems can crop up at the weirdest times. We are here for you 7 days a week. You will get a knowledgeable human answering the phone. We are here to help!

Always strive to play well with others

Be it a Point of Sale system, a Web site or social media; we put in the effort to make sure communication between DigitalPour and 3rd Party solutions are as seamless as possible.

Successfully assist events, festivals and conferences

We pride ourselves on being a go-to partner for industry conferences and festivals. Whether it’s tracking your event’s inventory, adding menus to the mobile app, or manning a pour station; we are here to help.

DigitalPour, LLC

Portland, Oregon



How It All Began

In 2010 Lisa Marcus, a restaurant and bar manager visionary, met Eric Sterling, a software engineer, on an OKCupid date. Just three months later on March 23rd, 2011 in Portland Oregon, DigitalPour was born.

It was on this first date that Lisa discussed the challenges of her job of managing beverage inventory. If you ask Eric, he will say that he was trying to impress her by showing up with sample code on the second date. Lisa was indeed impressed with Eric’s code skills and the ability to translate her vision with numbers and slanty lines in the sky.

Eric spent many an hour moonlighting on DigitalPour at his favorite craft beer bar — Baileys Taproom. With the help of the Baileys team, Lisa’s industry knowledge and many months of writing code, the very first digital beer menu hit the market in August of 2011 at Baileys Taproom.

In October of 2011 we were showcased on the cover of Beer Advocate. Since then we have enjoyed unique partnerships, industry accolades, and hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world.