Windows Computer Stick with wireless keyboard

Instructions to prepare your computer sticks for digital signage

Link to purchase computer sticks on Amazon: Wireless Computer Stick

TV: If you are using a smart TV, do not connect the TV to wifi

KEYBOARD: connect the keyboard dongle to your computer stick and power it on

COMPUTER STICK: Connect your wireless computer stick to power and plug it into your TV HDMI

COMPUTER STICK PREP > choose your country/region > set Keyboard layout > connect to network > Windows agreement > sign in w/Microsoft CHOOSE offline account > sign in w/Microsoft CHOOSE NO > who is going to use this PC? write your company name > use your company name for password > go through security questions (use company name for all answers) > make Cortana personal assistant CHOOSE NO > choose privacy settings; change all to NO and accept

Adjust your power settings > Control Panel >Power Options >Change when the computer sleeps >Adjust your computer settings to NEVER SLEEP on both battery and powered settings

Perform a software update > Control panel > Action Center > Windows Update

Change your active hours to avoid the automatic update to occur when you are not open for business it is very important for the menu app computer for you to choose when the updates happen

Confirm the date and time are set correctly

RESOLUTION: right click on desktop > display settings > confirm resolution is set to 1920×1080 (3840×2160 for 4K) and sizing is set to smallest