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Saraveza – Portland, Oregon

Saraveza is a fantastically funky little place up in North Portland. Packed from floor to ceiling with beer memorabilia, including vintage coolers loaded with a well-curated bottled beer selection. This place is the place for the laid-back beer fan. They’ve been repeatedly ranked among the best beer bars by Draft magazine, which makes perfect sense, given that it is easily one of the best bars in Portland.

Saraveza DigitalPour Experience

Tracking Sales and Budget

DigitalPour makes a lot of sense if you are trying to provide a lot of variety of beer and want to have a grasp of what that constant rotation does to your business. Plus, when coupled with the right POS system, you’re able to work smarter, not harder, with delivering information to your bartenders and your customers.

Integration with Future POS

We record how many ounces we are serving and receiving payment on – per keg tapped.  When you work in a bar that is constantly changing beers, bartenders have to keep up with a lot of moving information.

DigitalPour creates ease on staff by automatically updating pricing, setting pour sizes and tweeting the beers which is a lifesaver!

Keeping Us Organized

DigitalPour helps us organize our coolers and best understand what we have left in kegs that have been currently used but taken off the line.  Also, to be able to plan events ahead of time and store beer in an organized fashion.  

Something wicked this way comes. What could it be?? Following along and wait and see. #oceanpours #bestbeeronthebeach #deadguy #deadguyatthebeach #roguebrewery ...

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It’s #nationaldrinkbeerday and we are celebrating with 10% off pints all day!!!! Erika is on bar and ready to make your beer dreams come true. Doors open at 3pm!! #oceanpours #bestbeeronthebeach #nationaldrinkabeerday #🍺🍻🍺🍻 ...

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Thankful for a fun and happy weekend! 🐶🐾 Rum Barrel Aged Pakeweli Belgian Tripel made with heirloom sugar cane from Kō Hana Rum, a special collaboration from Aloha Beer Company with Village Bottle Shop & Tasting Room 🎋 on tap at both locations for a limited time 🥃ABV 9% 😷Have a safe and healthy week! Direct links in the bio! 🍻
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We can’t provide this sunshine today but we can provide our second new fortgeorgebeer seasonal release; Skies of Wonder Imperial Hazy IPA. Bold and juicy, this beer only makes its appearance every so often so come grab a pint and a few cans for home while you can!!! #oceanpours #bestbeeronthebeach #fortgeorgebeer #oceanshoresbeach ...

18 2

Fresh hop season is upon us and do we have some amazing beers to share with you on tap and in cans! First up, fortgeorgebeer Fresh IPA 2021. Full of Simcoe hops from colemanagriculture this beer dances between citrus and grapefruit with the aroma of stone fruits. Available in cans and draft, this beer won’t last long! #oceanpours #bestbeeronthebeach #freshhopseason #fortgeorgebeer #colemanagriculture ...

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Aloha Saturday flights at Village Bottle Shop & Tasting Room! 🍺I believe this is my first time sitting inside in almost two years; mahalo Spencer, Chris, and Jon for the always fantastic service! Cheers to great beer- be safe💉and stay healthy 🖕🏽🦠Direct links in the bio! 🍻
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Just tapped…almost gone…stop by and try this awesome beer from a great brewery with a super cool backstory! Check out kingsanddaughters to find out why we’re stoked to have their SECODN EVER KEG IN WA on tap! ...

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Taking a closer look at different components in your beer 🍺

IBU’s: bitterness comes from the type and amount of hops you use when brewing a beer. Looking for something sweet with no bitterness? Try a low IBU beer like Blondes or Hefeweizen’s. For a beer that’s more bitter you’ll want to aim for something higher like a pale ale or stout.

ABV: will tell you how strong your beer is. IPA’s and Tripels are usually above the 6% range whereas Lager’s and Blondes tend to be in the 4% range. This percentage shows the amount of alcohol contained in a given beverage. So, an ABV of 6% means that 6 parts out of 100 is alcohol.

To sum it up:

Higher IBU = More Bitter
Lower IBU = Less Bitter

Higher ABV % = Stronger Beer
Lower ABV % = Weaker Beer

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A few seats left at the bar for The NBA Finals. Who are you rooting for? beerfarm_ riversidefoodlab #beerfarm #riversidecalifornia #riverside #nbafinals #phx #mil #beerhere ...

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Getting close to that 10k mark 🍻. In the meantime let us pour you a cold one. ...

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I wanted to say THANK YOU, for always being there to help us get out of a jam.  With so many issues with Lavu always going on, it is nice to know we have someone we can rely on!!  Much appreciated!!!  – The Brewhouse

“Thank you sooo much.  The service  and the thoughtfulness is what I am needing today and you guys are delivering it 110%!” – SHINE Beer Sanctuary

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“A couple of customers noticed our location in the mobile app and knew it was brand new so they came to the bar to check it out. That alone makes having DigitalPour worth it.” – Prime Tap House

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“We love DigitalPour. I like that I can access and update from my phone. I think the screen differentiates us from other places. It is crystal clear and has the Brewery icons.” – Boulevard Taphouse

“We couldn’t live without DigitalPour at this point. Love it and our customers love it.” – Oscar’s Breakfast, Burgers & Brews

“DigitalPour is the best tap room and brewery system I have seen. The interface to Digital Dining is awesome and I believe the sum of having DigitalPour and Digital Dining result in a state of the art solution.” – Andre Nataf, Digital Dining

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