Mobile App Information

Your patrons will thank you for making them aware of the DigitalPour app. Give them access to your location’s tap list from anywhere.

Here are some ways you can promote the DigitalPour Mobile App in your locations


You are welcome to use this QR-Code in printed and digital material. When a user scans the code, it will take them to a Web page and give them the option to install the iPhone or Android version of the app. Right+Click or Control+Click on the image to download the PNG to your computer.
If you would prefer to use the direct URL to the Mobile App Landing Page:


You can add rotating images to your in-house digital menu.

If you are already familiar with adding advertising to your digital menus the link below will download a ZIP file containing a Portrait and Landscape version of the Mobile App ads for your use.


If you aren’t familiar with adding advertising to your house menus, please follow this link for instructions. The Mobile app ads are also on that page.



Feel free to download and print the following PDF (5″ x 7″) to use in plastic holders on your tables.

If you opt to have these tents professionally printed on card-stock, you can upload the image twice to get double-sided results.