Mobile Operations Overview

This page is intended for customers using DigitalPour’s inventory and menu management system.

If you are not a customer and are interested in a demo, reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

To Add a Keg to your inventory, please follow


Creating Mobile Users

From your DigitalPour Ops Program (Windows), create or edit a user that will have access to mobile operations.

Go to: Management Tab > Settings > Users

Double-click on an existing user or create a new user.

We recommend creating a user account for each of your staff.

Make sure you save the new user record before continuing.

Click the “Generate Mobile User Access Code” button and make note of this number.

Make sure that this user can, at least, “Open/Close Bar” and “Put On/Take Off Kegs”.

If you use keg Restrictions and/or “Do Not Tap” restrictions, you may want to give some your users the ability to “Override Restrictions” and “Override Do Not Use” also.


Launch the DigitalPour Mobile App and tap the “3 vertical dots” in the upper right part of the screen.

Tap the beer glass icon in the upper right of the screen. This will display a Activation screen.

You’ll be typing in the Activation code you generated in the Windows steps above. Tap the “Next ” button after entering the code.

You will now see a Sign in screen for the target user. Type the same password you would use to log into the Windows Operations Program for this target user.

Note to users that log into multiple locations: Tapping the company name (e.g. Demo Company) at the top of the screen will allow you to add a new company/location. You will walk through the above Activation and Sign in steps for each location you manage.


You will be able to OPEN and CLOSE your location’s digital menu and swap kegs in your inventory.

Opening and Closing Your DigitalPour Location

Now that you are logged in, you will see your name and your location (or locations) listed when tapping on the 3 vertical dots at the top of the DigitalPour Mobile App.

Tapping on the Location block will bring up a control screen.

You can OPEN, CLOSE and set LAST CALL from this area.

You can increase/decrease the amount of time “till close” by tapping the + and – buttons in 5 minute increments.


Tapping the MENU button will take you to your location’s Tap List.

Tap on one of your Taps in the list. You will notice a tabbed area with the addition of “Ops”.


You have three choices for your Tap:

  • Swap for Different: This will bring up your Keg Queue to select a keg.
  • Swap for Same: This will grab the same keg from your queue.
  • Make Empty Tap: This will remove the current keg and make the target Tap empty.

NOTE: If you don’t use Restrictions or Categories, you will see all kegs that match the Same Type of beverage as the one you are changing.

Confirmation Alerts when Swapping Kegs:

The third way to swap a keg is by tapping the “Select” button next to a target keg in your queue. This will start the change process for that specific keg.

At the confirmation dialog, you will be selecting whether the keg, coming off, is empty or not.


Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the filter bar. These buttons will display specific groupings of kegs based on Restrictions/Categories, Same Beverage Type, All Kegs and Do Not Use.

NOTES: If you do not have certain privileges, some of these areas will either be hidden or dimmed.

Mobile Users now can see the same list of On Deck kegs that displays in your Operations Queue. If you do not wish for a keg to appear on this list, you can double click on the Keg in our system and check the “Do Not Use” check box.



There is some other useful information you have available when swapping kegs:

You’ll see the keg size and the count in inventory from the rotating information bar under the keg listing.

If the current tapped beverage has a different coupler and/or keg type than one of the Queued kegs, a red icon with exclamation points will appear giving you the heads up of the “mismatch”.


Q: Why am I seeing my “Do Not Tap” kegs in the queue on Mobile Ops?
A: The keg queue on Mobile Ops has some filtering based on what privileges your user has.

The four privileges to the right are the ones used in Mobile Ops. If you use Restrictions and/or Do Not Tap settings you will want to read the section below to understand how privileges behave when using Mobile Ops.

The filter bar displayed above has 4 areas:

Restricted/Category: This tab will show you those kegs that are allowed (restricted) to replace the selected tap or those kegs that are of the category as the one you are replacing.
Same Type: When you tap this tab it will display all the kegs that match the same type (Beer, Cider, Wine, etc.) as the one currently being replaced.
Show All: This will show you all kegs, regardless of restriction settings (minus “do not tap”).
Do Not Tap: If your user has the privilege of handling “do not tap” kegs, this tab will show you those kegs.