Using Order Management

You can now create orders to your distributors and receive them into your On Deck list.

Contact us to get this feature enabled:

Workflow once Orders are turned on:

  • Go to the Orders Tab.

First you will want to click on the Distributors button and choose the Distributors that you work with. You can add who your contact is, delivery days and default keg deposit.

If you do not see a distributor you can add it. NOTE: Do not add self-distributing beverage producers, you can create orders to them without specifying a distributor.

Now you can start adding orders:

  • To start, click “New Order”.

Either choose a Distributor from the dropdown or check the self-distributing box.

Add kegs/bottles to order. A placeholder is when you are ordering something but don’t know what it is until it arrives (ie. “this cool new beer from xxx”)

Items marked as “Carry Over” are items that you place every order (i.e. every week we order Coors Light, so they can be automatically added next time)

  • Click Save.

You can continue to add items to the order as needed by double clicking it, then clicking save.

When order is complete, highlight order and click “Place Order”. An email will be generated that you can send to your distributor.

When an order arrives you highlight order and click “Receive Order”. This will allow you to make any adjustments (ie. ordered 2 kegs, but only received 1)

When you click save, the received items will be placed into On Deck

Our system will keep track of keg deposits, so as kegs kick, we will remember what distributor the keg came from. The next order to that distributor will have those deposit credits included.

Also, if you have a defective keg, when you pull it off, there is a “Keg Returned to Distributor” checkbox. Checking that will put that keg on the next order to that distributor so you can receive credit.