Website Tap List & API Information

DigitalPour provides real time data to all of our customers for custom websites and mobile apps in the form of an API which returns the tap list information in standard JSON format. Custom websites with our API will require a Developer skilled in working with JSON.

This is the URL for:

Below is some sample PHP code that shows a WordPress module implementation that retrieves the JSON data through API, then parses it and turns it into some simple HTML. In the code you will see a line that says “Put API URL here.”

The advantage of this method is that you have complete control of the design and the function of the presentation. You can include any of the information we are gathering about the draft products, such as links to producer website, Rate Beer, Untappd, descriptions about the product, etc. Here are some examples of clients’ websites using our API:

We do ask anyone using this API to add our company logo (included in the above ZIP) somewhere on the page and thank you in advance for the acknowledgement. We appreciate this very much.

API documentation here:!/Public/Public_GetMenuItems

This will show you all of the endpoints of our public API. Expanding each endpoint will show you the parameters and the data returned.

The alternative option to a custom website draft list is to wrap the page we generate for Facebook tabs in an IFRAME. This is not customizable, but very quick to implement and it updates in real time. Facebook limits 3rd-party applications to appear on the mobile version, so if your website is mobile friendly, the tap list will now work on mobile devices when your customers look on your website.

This would be the URL to use for that:

In that IFRAME tag you will need to add: style=”width:100%;max-width:800px;” for best results on mobile devices.

Please call us if you have any questions; we are happy to assist you.